Machining of small parts
precision metal

F.I.M.M. is currently in its third generation. The Company was originally founded by Silvio Bagaloni in the Fifties, after him Giorgio continued with the management in the Seventies, and, since 2009, the company has then been led by Emanuele. Over the years our Company has specialized in processing precision metal parts for any industry.

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Precision and Versatility

The Company produces small turned parts in any material, between 4 mm and 42 mm, processed with automatic single spindel lathes, sliding headstock and cnc fixed head, thanks to a production department made of 20 machines.

Complete service

We supply our customers with a full service, also taking care of secondary processes, reworking the turned metal parts, thermic treatments and surface treatments. F.I.M.M. of Emanuele Bagaloni is mainly specialized in producing small metal parts as third party manufacturer, and in processing brass, aluminium, stainless steel, special steel, also custom made.